AbyssalCraft Wiki


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AbyssalCraft is the mod which this book is used to guide you through. It's mainly focused on exploration, with 4 new dimensions you can explore.
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The dimensions are reached through the use of "Gateway Keys", which are keys designed to create portals between dimensions (the 4th dimensions is reached by falling out of the 3rd).
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The Overworld has been expanded with 6 new biomes: the Darklands (normal, plains, forest, highlands, mountain) and the Coralium Infested Swamp.
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There's also 5 new types of stone and 15 new ores found throughout the Overworld and the dimensions.
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Apart from exploration, AbyssalCraft introduces it's own type of magic, through the use or rituals in order to worship The Great Old Ones.
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Apart from magic and exploration, there's also machines, allowing you to transmute, crystallize and materialize objects. There's also a coin engraver.