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Abyssal Stone Bricks.png
Abyssal Stone Bricks.
Abyssal Stone Brick Recipe.png
Abyssal Stone Bricks recipe.

Decorative Block added by Abyssalcraft.


  • Shapeless 2x2 crafting. 4x Abyssal Stone gives you 4x Abyssal Stone Bricks.
  • 6 Abyssal Stone Bricks (placed in L-Triangle formation) -> 6 Abyssal Stone Brick Fence.
  • 3 Abyssal Stone Bricks (filling one row) -> 6 Abyssal Stone Brick Slab.
  • 6 Abyssal Stone Bricks (filling two rows) -> 4 Abyssal Stone Brick Stairs.


  • In a furnace, Abyssal Stone Bricks becomes Cracked Abyssal Stone Bricks. After each completed smelt, the furnace stores up 0.1 EXP. Cracked Abyssal Stone Bricks are only used as Decorative Blocks.


Items in outer ring:

Choice items to infuse (placed in center)

  • Overworld Energy Pedestal
  • Overworld Sacrifical Altar
  • Overworld Energy Collector
  • Overworld Energy Relay
  • Overworld Energy Container


  • 800 PE
  • Abyssal Wastelands Necronomicon
  • Ritual can be conducted anywhere.


Becomes Abyssal Tier of the item you used to infuse.

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