AbyssalCraft Wiki

The Abyssal Wasteland[]

This is the first layer of the Abyss, a place that's dark, green, and populated by the undead. Oblivionaire is said to be the one watching over this place, or his dragon, Asorah. Likely where Coralium originates from.


Abyssal Stone.png
Abyssal Stone is a new type of stone that the Abyssal Wasteland is made out of. You need iron tools or better to break it. Compared to other stone types, it is resistant to the transmutation produced by Liquid Coralium, and it can be turned into Abyssal Stone Bricks.
Abyssal Diamond Ore.png
Inside the Abyssal Wasteland, you can find "abyssal" versions of ores found in the Overworld, which drops an abyssal version of their overworld counterpart's drops, it not the same. There's and abyssal version of Iron, Gold, Diamond, Copper, Tin and Nitre ores. They generate at a similar height to their overworld counterparts.
Abyssal Coralium Ore.png
Abyssal Coralium is a variant of Coralium found within the Abyssal Wasteland. This is almost identical to it's overworld counterpart. Much like the regular Coralium Ore, the Abyssal Coralium Ore drops Coralium Gems, which has multiple uses. Generates around Y = 55 and below.
Liquified Coralium Ore.png
Liquified Coralium is a variant of Coralium found within the Abyssal Wasteland. Compared to the other variants, it doesn't drop Coralium Gems when mined. When mined, the dropped ore can be smelted down for Refined Coralium Ingots. Generates around Y = 22 and below.
Pearlescent Coralium Ore.png
Pearlescent Coralium is a variant of Coralium found within the Abyssal Wasteland. This variant drops Coralium Pearls when mined, instead of Coralium Gems. Due to the item gained from the ore, it is quite rare, and generates around Y = 10 and below.
Liquid Coralium.png
Liquid Coralium is a new liquid found within the Abyssal Wasteland. It has the ability to transmute elements on contact, as in converting any water-based liquid into itself, and most stone types into Abyssal Stone. It also infects entities that touches it with the Coralium Plague, killing them if they aren't immune. Some entities can be converted into Abyssal Zombies on Death. If the liquid collides with Liquid Antimatter, it will convert into Coralium Stone.
Dreadlands Infused Powerstone.png
Dreadlands Infused Powerstone is a special stone found deep within Abyssal Strongholds. You need a pickaxe stronger or equal to a Refined Coralium Pickaxe in order to mine it. If you collide with it, you will receive the Dread Plague. One mined, it can be used to upgrade your Gateway Key if you have the other components.


Once you have reached the Abyssal Wasteland, your next goal is to reach the Dreadlands. You will need 3 components in order to upgrade your Gateway Key, an Eye of The Abyss, a Dreadlands Infused Powerstone and Transmutation Gem. The first is obtained by defeating Asorah, The Fallen, summoned through the ritual "Ritual of The Sleeper" (in ritual section).

Asorah uses Spectral Dragons to heal himself, so they should be taken out quickly throughout the fight. Once defeated, Asorah will drop his eye with a large quantity of exp and materials found throughout the dimension.

The Dreadlands Infused Powerstone is located inside a Abyssal Stronghold, which can be found using Powerstone Trackers (recipe in special materials section).

Once you have tracked down the Powerstone, you can mine it with a Refined Coralium Pickaxe. Lastly you can upgrade your Gateway Key by infusing it with the required components ("Asorah's Dreaded Gateway Key" ritual). Upgrading your Necronomicon to the Dreadlands Necronomicon requires 8 Skins of The Dreadlands.


Abyssal Zombies can be found in various Ocean, Swamp, Beach and Darklands biomes. Abyssal Zombies are formerly Zombies who has been infected with the Coralium Plague, causing them to evolve into these beings. They are hostile against regular Zombies. They also spawn in the Abyssal Wasteland and the End.
Depths Ghouls are evolved Coralium Infested undead. Spawns where Abyssal Zombies spawn. Depths Ghouls are the masterpiece of Coralium Plague evolution on Zombies, rarely mutating into these behemoths. Some of them gains new forms, such as Pete, Mr. Wilson and Dr Orange, each stronger than the other.
Skeleton Goliaths are massive Skeletons with Cudgels roaming the Abyssal Wasteland. Unknown Origin. Ever thought what a giant skeleton with a Cudgel would look like in Minecraft? Well, this. Skeleton Goliaths are big and powerful skeletons walking amongthe dead. They have a small change of dropping the Cudgel on death.
Spectral Dragons are transparent dragons rarely spawning in the Abyssal Wasteland. These ghastly dragons are mostly a nuisance to face, but probably more tricky when Asorah devours their life energy in order to regenerate himself. They can fly through solid matter without destroying it, unlike the Ender Dragon.
Asorah, The Fallen, is the first boss encountered in AbyssalCraft. Summoned Inside the Abyssal Wasteland. Asorah was formerly Oblivionaire's dragon, until he passed away aeons ago, after that he has been reanimated through the usage of Coralium until he was destroyed by an unknown enemy. Now his soul resides in the Dark Realm.
Lesser Shoggoths are a smaller breed of Shoggoths found throughout the Abyss. Shoggoths are amorphous shapeshifting beings genetically engineered by the Elder Things as a race of servant-tools. Though being mindless, they became conscious and killed their masters. Now they sometimes build monoliths in honor of The Great old Ones.

Special Materials[]

A Powerstone Tracker is crafted with Coralium Gems and a Eye of Ender.
A Transmutator is crafted with Coralium Bricks, Blocks of Refined Coralium, a Transmutation Gem and a Liquid Coralium Bucket.

To obtain Coralium Bricks, you must pour Liquid Antimatter on Liquid Coralium, then harvest the stone formed from the Liquid Coralium. Then you must smelt the Coralium Stone For Coralium Bricks.

A Chunk of Coralium is crafted with 9-gem Coralium Clusters and an Abyssal Stone.
A Coralium Plate is crafted with Refined Coralium Ingots and Coralium Pearls.
A Skin of The Dreadlands is crafted with Dread Fragments and a Essence of The Dreadlands. The essence is obtained through the use of a Staff of Rending.
A Dreadlands Necronomicon is crafted with Skin of The Dreadlands and a Abyssal Wasteland Necronomicon.

Special Armor and Tools[]

A Plated Coralium Helmet is crafted with Coralium Pearls, Refined Coralium Ingots, Coralium Plates and a Refined Coralium Helmet.
A Plated Coralium Chestplate is crafted with Refined Coralium Ingots, Coralium Plates and a Refined Coralium Chestplate.
Plated Coralium Leggings are crafted with Refined Coralium Ingots, Coralium Plates and Refined Coralium Leggings.
Plated Coralium Boots are crafted with Refined Coralium Ingots, Coralium Plates and Refined Coralium Boots.
A Coralium Longbow is crafted with Strings, Refined Coralium Ingots, a Coralium Pearl and a Bow.