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Abyssal Zombie
The Abyssal Zombie
The Abyssal Zombie
Location Unknown
Health 25
Damage 6
Height 1.8
Viewing distance 64
Movement speed 0.23
NBT Tags IsBaby, ZombieType


The old end abyssal zombie.

Abyssal Zombies are a different breed of Zombies , corrupted by the Coralium Plague. They spawn in The Overworld , The Abyss and The End . They can appear in 4 different forms:

  • Abyssal Zombie - A Zombie that has been infected, granting them new abilities beyond the ones they had when they were in their previous undead form
  • Armed and/or Armoured Abyssal Zombies - Like in their previous lives, they can still wear armour and wield weapons
  • End Abyssal Zombies - The Coralium Plague seems to mutate into something similar to the appearance of Endermen once inside The End
  • Baby Abyssal Zombie - A baby Abyssal Zombie, can be armed and/or armoured, and can also be a baby End Abyssal Zombie.

Baby Abyssal Zombies[]

Like regular Zombies , Abyssal Zombies are able to infect baby Zombies , and thereby create baby Abyssal Zombies, who are much like regular baby Zombies .


Abyssal Zombies drops Coralium Plague Flesh on death.

In rare cases, they drop Bones , Darkstone Swords and Coralium Pearls .


What makes the Abyssal Zombies different from their normal counterpart, is that they want to spread the plague, by attacking Zombies instead of Villagers , but if there's no Zombies around, they attack the player.

Like Depths Ghouls , they can also breathe underwater, and they lack the ability to break doors.


  • The Abyssal Zombie wasn't planned to have the name it had, but Shinoow never changed it.
  • The fact that they look different when seen in the end was a twist added due to the fact that they actually spawn in the End.
  • Also called "shin zombies" due to them having a head based off of the head on Shinoow's skin.
  • They also attack Zombie Pigmen on sight, as they inherit code from the regular zombies, and are seen as regular zombies by the Abyssal Zombie