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Abyssalnite Golem
AC AG.png
The Abyssalnite Golem
The Abyssalnite Golem
Location The Dreadlands
Health 20
Damage 4
Height 1.8
Viewing distance 32
Movement speed 0.69
NBT Tags none
Abyssalnite Golem.png
Abyssalnite Golem as seen in newer iterations of Abyssalcraft.

Abyssalnite Golems are neutral mobs that spawn in The Dreadlands. Unlike their dreaded counterpart, they don't attack the player on sight, but will attack if attacked by the player.


Abyssalnite Golems drop 1 - 3 Chunks of Abyssalnite on death.


Abyssalnite Golems are fairly peaceful walking chunks of Abyssalnite. They see the Dreaded Abyssalnite Golems as enemies, and will therefore attack them on sight.

While the golems do not attack the player on sight, if he/she attacks a golem, all of the golems in the area will attack back (similar to wolves and Zombie Pigmen).

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