AbyssalCraft Wiki

Abyssalnite Ingots seen within an inventory.

Abyssalnite Ingots are purple-colored Ingots with properties stronger than diamond added by Abyssalcraft. They are obtained from smelting Abyssalnite Ore, Dreadlands Abyssalnite Ore, Dreaded Abyssalnite Ore, Abyssalnite Dust, Chunk of Abyssalnite, or Dreaded Chunks of Abyssalnite.


Abyssalnite Ingots can be crafted into tools and armor. The player can use 4 Abyssalnite ingots as a crafting ingredient for the ODB Core. Abyssalnite Ingots can be crystallized in the Crystallizer to create Crystallized Abyssalnite.


Abyssalnite provides more Armor Durability from Armor, along with giving the player Water Breathing if the Helmet is worn, or Speed if the Boots are worn. As a trade off, they provide less Armor Toughness. Additionally, Abyssalnite tools output more damage and are more efficient, but their main drawback is they are less durable than diamond, only having 1,261 uses before completely breaking.


They can also be found inside chests from Dungeons, Desert Temples, Stronghold Corridors, Blacksmith, and Mineshafts.