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Altar of Cha'garoth (bottom).png

Structure Component Block added by Abyssalcraft.


Recipe for the bottom half of the Altar.


  • Requires Dreadlands Necronomicon or above with at least 20,000 PE and a Sacrifice is required.
  • 2 Bone
  • 2 Dreadium
  • 2 Dreadstone
  • 1 Dread Cloth
  • Asorah's Dreaded Gateway Key (Key will be consumed in the process)


Drops itself when mined with a Dreadium Pickaxe or above; Otherwise nothing.


Use with the top part to access Cha'garoth's lair, which has to be placed within the Dreadlands Mountain biome at Y = 40.


Placed anywhere else, the player will be greeted with the message "That only works in the Dreadlands."