AbyssalCraft Wiki

A rare, natural Anti-Chicken Spawn.

Anti-Chickens are passive mobs added by Abyssalcraft.


  • HP: 8
  • Breeding item: Oredict: Listallseed/Nether Wart.
  • Baby growth timer: 20 minutes. When fed with above item mentioned, their current timer decreases by 2%.
  • Height: 0.8 blocks.


  • Breeding gives 1-7 EXP.
  • Killing drops 0-2 feathers + 100% drop rate of Anti-Chicken (Food Item) + 1-3 EXP on death.


  • Naturally spawned exclusively in Coralium-Infested swamps, following the rules of passive spawning, requiring Grass Blocks, a light level of 9 or above and spawned during the day at least 20 blocks away from the player.
  • Takes the place of a normal or Demonic Chicken after being annihilated by Anti-Matter.


  • Anti-Chickens will violently explode if put into the same pen with a normal Chicken, damaging terrain, unless submerged in water.
  • They have twice as much health.


Both lay eggs 5 minutes after they spawn, and continue their egg laying cycle once every 5 minutes. Both drop feathers on death.