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An Anti-Cow idling about.


An Anti-Cow is a Passive Mob found exclusively in the Coralium-Infested Swamp Biome.


  • Anti-Cows Spawn Naturally on Grass Blocks at a light level of 9 or above at least 20 blocks away from the player during the Day. They Spawn Exclusively in the Coralium-Infested Swamp Biome.
  • A Cow or Demon Cow that has died to Antimatter will spawn an Anti-Cow to take its place.


  • Anti-Cows have 20 HP, twice as much as their normal counterparts.
  • Anti-Cows drop 0-2 Leather and 1-3 Anti-Beef on Death.
  • If an Anti-Cow interacts with a normal Cow, an explosion will occur upon contact. This explosion will damage terrain, unless the two mobs are submerged in Water, Liquid Coralium, or Liquid Antimatter.
  • Right Clicking an Anti-Cow with an Empty Bucket will produce a Liquid Antimatter Bucket.
  • The player can breed Anti-Cows using Wheat, and will follow the player if they are holding Wheat in either hand.
  • Baby Anti-Cows take 20 minutes IRL time to mature into adults. The player can reduce their current timer by 10% using Wheat.
  • Anti-Cows are immune to the Antimatter Status Effect.
  • Their dropped Anti-Beef cannot be cooked in a Furnace. Instead, they are Trasmutated within a Transmutator to produce Steak.
  • Anti-Beef, when consumed, yields 0 points to both Hunger and Saturation. Instead, they inflict the Hunger II Potion Effect for 30 seconds.


A link to a Stream Clip of the Yogscast and their encounter with an Anti-Cow: