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Anti-Player after killing a Chicken.

Anti-Players are rare, Hostile mobs encountered in Abyssalcraft.


  • HP: 40
  • Armor Rating: ? (Depends on the Armor it picks up along the way.)
  • Armor Toughness: ? (Same case applies for equipped Armor.)
  • Attack Damage: 2 (Additional damage is added depending on its held item.)
  • Movement Speed: Slow.
  • Height: Same as the player.
  • View Distance: 16 blocks.


  • Spawns naturally in Coralium-Infested Swamps during the night, at light levels of 7 or less.
  • Takes the place of a player completely annihilated by Antimatter. (Has a custom name with your name spelled backwards.)
  • If An Anti-Player kills the player, another Anti-Player takes their place. (Has a custom name with your name spelled backwards.)


  • Anti-players go after nearby mobs, but do not deal damage to other Anti-mobs.
  • If the player is within sight of the Anti-Player, they abandon their "hunt" and go after the player instead.
  • Any dropped Tools, Weapons or Armor around the Anti-Player will cause the Anti-Player to pick it up after a short time, boosting its Attack Damage and Armor Rating respectively.
  • If Killed, it drops all held items, along with giving the player 5 EXP.
  • If the Anti-Player finds a tool or armor that is a direct upgrade, it will discard the old tool and hold that one instead. As a result, it will not discard Coralium Plated Armor or Sacthoth's Soul Reaper Blade as it is the most valuable gear.