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Asorah, The Fallen is the first main boss in order to progress through Abyssalcraft. Is summoned in the Abyssal Wasteland using the Ritual of The Sleeper found within the Abyssal Wastelands Necronomicon.

Asorah, "The Fallen"
Location The Abyssal Wasteland
Health 400
Damage Easy 6 normal 10 hard 18
Height 2 blocks
Viewing distance Unknown
Movement speed 7 blocks a seconds
NBT Tags non


Asorah will drop 8 Chunks of Coralium, 8 Refined Coralium Ingots, 8 Coralium-Plagued Flesh, a Greater Scroll, an Eye of the Abyss and reward the player with a slew of EXP on death. Effectively, Asorah drops a total of 24 Refined Coralium Ingots after smelting the Coralium Chunks; enough for a full set of Refined Coralium Armor.


It is advised that a Bow and Arrow with Power and Infinity enchants is used to drive Asorah back. Any form of contact damage will infect the player with Coralium Plague. If the player does not have an Infinity Bow, then it's advised to bring a few stacks of arrows. a Fenced, elevated area is also recommended as the player can focus on fighting Asorah without dealing with other hostile undead around them.


Much like the Ender Dragon, Asorah will fly around and attempt to directly charge at the player to inflict damage. If Asorah has low HP, Spectral Dragons will be summoned in an effort to absorb their souls and regain health in the process. Focus on taking out the Spectral Dragons to prevent Asorah from regaining HP. Asorah also has the same death animation as the Ender Dragon, to which some text will appear, warning players of the threat residing within the Dreadlands.