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Cha'garoth, The Dreadbeast
Screenshot 2018-05-06-15-57-06.png
Location The Dreadlands
Health 1000 (10 armor)
Damage Unknown
Height Unknown
Viewing distance Unknown
Movement speed Static.
NBT Tags none

Cha'garoth is the second main boss that you have to defeat in Abyssalcraft.

How to summon[]

To get to him, you need to create the altar of Cha'garoth (both top and bottom) and place them at Y=40 in the Dreadlands Mountains biome. Right-clicking on the top part will spawn Cha'garoth's temple around you. Several dreadguards lie between you and the chamber below you containing Cha'garoth. Note that Cha'garoth will be aware of your presence as soon as you create the temple, and he may begin spawning his minions right away.

Attack Patterns and tips[]

Cha'garoth can deal significant burst damage at range, even to heavily armored players. His abilities, and those of his minions, are capable of inflicting the Dread Plague debuff to any player who remains in sight, refreshing it constantly. Since the crafted Dread Plague Antidote doesn't grant a period of immunity to the debuff, it's pointless to use one during the fight, and it is thus useful only when the player wants to break away, clear the debuff, and heal up.

During the fight, this boss will create spawns of himself, dreadland zombies, and dreadguards. These will spawn continually, with no discernible limit to their numbers. Dread Spawn will gladly take this opportunity to merge together, becoming powerful creatures with troublesome ranged attacks. The player should be mindful of this danger if they choose to take their time with the encounter.

Cha'garoth is best dealt with at range, hitting him - but not his shield - with as many projectiles as possible from a great distance before moving to dodge his explosive shots. Ensure that you have a place to retreat to that is entirely out of his sight, as all the places he can hit will be regularly suffused with the clouds of dread plague that his shots create. You can increase the size of the battlefield by mining out the walls - but if you choose to spend time doing this, keep in mind that he won't stop spawning his minions while you do.


Once Cha'garoth is defeated, he will drop lots of items from the Dreadlands as well as a Dread-plagued key. Transmuting this will give you the key to create a portal to Omothol, the final layer of the abyss and final dimension of the mod (by the moment). There's also a room made out of abyssalnite behind where Cha'garoth was that contains a chest with the "Treasure of the Dreadlands" that he mentions when you defeat him.