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Coralium-Plagued Flesh

Coralium-Plagued Flesh is a food item added by Absysalcraft.


  • Dropped from Abyssal Zombies, Spectral Dragons, or Asorah, the Fallen.
  • Transmutated from Anti-Plagued Flesh. Obtain 2 from every 1 Anti-Plagued Flesh (Transmutator.)
  • Materialized using 1 Crystallized Phosphorous and 1 Crystallized Coralium (Materializer.)


  • Fills 2 hunger and 1 saturation
  • Infects Player with Coralium Plague, Nausea, and Hunger II (:30) respectively.
  • Can kill the player if Coralium Plague is not treated.


  • In a Crafting Table, 8 Coralium-Plagued Flesh surrounding an Abyssal Wastelands Essence creates Skin of the Abyssal Wasteland.
  • In a Brewing Stand, Awkward Potion + Coralium-Plagued Flesh = Potions of Coralium Plague (3:00)
  • Acts as a Trasmutator fuel for 0.5 items. 2 are needed to Transmute 1 item.
  • Can be Crystallized (Crystallizer) to obtain 8 Crystallized Phosphorous Shard and 1 Crystallized Coralium Fragment.