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a player infected by Coralium Plague after ingesting a Potion of Coralium Plague.

Coralium Plague is a Status Effect that deals damage to any entity that isn't immune to it.


The duration of Coralium Plague depends on what the player has been attacked by, or if they have ingested a Potion of Coralium Plague, Coralium Plagued Flesh, or Coralium Plagued Flesh on a Bone. Coralium Plague can also infect mobs not immune to the plague, including Zombies. Zombies that have died to the Coralium Plague have a chance to become an Abyssal Zombie. Coralium Plague has the same Lethality potential as the Wither Status Effect, dealing 1 heart of damage every second, until the infected entity dies. Entities that have died while under the effects of the Coralium Plague will emit a Lingering Potion of Coralium Plague around their corpse, thus spreading infection to other Entities exposed to the inhaling fumes for 30 seconds. Additionally, infection is spread through direct attacks, or through use of the Coralium Longbow, infecting individuals with 60 seconds of Coralium Plague. Being submerged in Liquid Coralium also infects mobs with Coralium Plague, until the player gets out of the pool, subsequently lingering for an additional 10 seconds.


Coralium Plague can only be spread through direct contact, and is only classified as a plague if the player lets it be as such. Under controlled conditions, the plague as minimal risk of causing an outbreak. Players should avoid ingesting Coralium Plagued Flesh until they obtain the Coralium Plated Helmet, lest they be infected with Coralium Plague for 30 seconds.

Antidotes and Immunity[]

A Coralium Plague Antidote can be used to cure the Coralium Plague, otherwise an infected individual will have to wait throughout the duration of the infection. Coralium Plated Helmets will instantly remove any existing Coralium Plague infection and give the wearer complete immunity to the effects of the Coralium Plague, except by being submerged in Liquid Coralium.