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Coralium Plagued Flesh on a Bone are food items added to Abyssalcraft.


The Flesh on a Bone in an inventory.

Eating Coralium Plagued Flesh on a Bone fills up 2 units of Hunger and 1 unit of Saturation, but it infects the consumer with Coralium Plague for 30 seconds, along with inflicting Nausea and Hunger II. Bones will appear in the player's inventory after consumption. Wearers of the Plated Colarium Helmet can eat this without being infected by the Coralium Plague.


Dropped from Depths Ghoul 0-2 (0-5 with Looting III) On death.


  • In a Brewing Stand, they are used as ingredients to brew Awkward Potions into Potions of Coralium Plague for 3 minutes.
  • Used as fuel in a Transmutator, having a value of 0.5 items. 2 Coralium Plagued Flesh on a Bone is required to Transmute 1 item.
  • Can be Crystallized to output 12 Crystallized Phosphorous Shard and 1 Crystallized Coralium Fragment.

Effects applied after eating Coralium Plagued Flesh.