Coralium Stone

Coralium Stone is a recent addition to AbyssalCraft. It is created by the Player.

How to Create[edit | edit source]

Creating the Coralium Stone is a simple process. It requires the Player to collect Liquid Antimatter, then to dump it over Liquid Coralium. Once this is done it will create Coralium Stone, similar to how Lava and Water create Obsidian (antimatter being the "lava" and liquid coralium being the "water").

Coralium Stone also "spreads" inside a pool of Liquid Coralium, a single Coralium Stone block inside a pool of Liquid Coralium will convert all liquid into stone over time.

Coralium Brick[edit | edit source]

Coralium Brick is created by putting Coralium Cobblestone inside a furnace, then putting the Coralium Stone into the furnace again. This will create Coralium Bricks.

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