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A Dark Offspring encountered in a Roofed Forest.

Dark Offsprings are rare, Hostile monsters encountered in Abyssalcraft.


  • HP: 40
  • Melee damage: 4
  • Movement Speed: Slow (The player can outspeed them by walking).
  • Height: At least 4 blocks, including the numerous tendrill-like horns sprouting from its back.
  • View Distance: 16 blocks.


  • Rarely encountered in the Darklands Forest and Roofed Forest biomes at a light level of 7 or less.
  • Spawns from a Disruption as a form of an Outer God's Anger, mainly Shub-Niggurath's.


No known drops are reported, aside from the player gaining 5 EXP upon killing it.


It will attempt to stampede the player with its 3 legs. Getting too close to the Dark Offspring's body will cause the player to take damage.


It is the most recent monster added to Abyssalcraft.