The Darklands is the first biome added in AbyssalCraft. It is a fairly barren indigo/purple area, with trees spawning occasionally.


The following mobs spawn in the Darklands:


The Darklands biomes is the only place where the player can obtain Abyssalnite, which generates at the same height and rarity as Emerald ores.

The Darklands also has a tree generating there, called "Darklands Oak".


Various structures made out of Darkstone, Darkstone Cobblestone and Darkstone Bricks generate within the Darklands. One of them is a 2 story hut with a full enchantment table at the 2nd floor.


  • Around the first versions of AbyssalCraft, the only thing found in the Darklands was the generated structures, there were no trees.
  • Back in 2006 when Minecraft Steve was still the son of Minecraft Notch, he was told that he would inherit everything the sun touched. When he saw the Darklands were covered in darkness he asked "what about that land" and Minecraft Notch said "not that land, that's owned by my ex-wife Suzy".
  • After Minecraft Notch passed away 2014, Suzy decided to remarry and married Minecraft Steve. This is why, in the dialog tooltip you get, if you hard press Alt Gr+F8 when hopping into a block between to spacial structures composed of atleast 20x20 stone blocks naturally spawning in caverns it'll say "The Darklands is owned by Steve's ex-wife Suzy." Because both Notch and Steve were at two seperate points married to Suzy.
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