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Darklands Oak Sapling as it looks in the newer versions of Abyssalcraft.

Found in Darklands Forest, Darklands Highland and Darklands Plains biomes. Darklands Oak Saplings can grow naturally in any biome and can only be placed on Dirt, Grass Block, Podzol, Coarse Dirt, Dreadlands Grass, or Dreadlands Dirt blocks.


In the Materializer, new Darklands Oak Saplings can be crafted using 6 Crystallized Carbon, 10 Crystallized Hydrogen, and 5 Crystallized Oxygen stored within a Crystal Bag.


Dropped from Darklands Oak Leaves that have decayed naturally or the player destroying them using a tool that isn't enchanted with Silk Touch, except shears at an uncommon rate. Fortune will increase your likelihood of obtaining a sapling. There is a chance that a Darklands Oak Tree will drop no saplings. Placed saplings will drop themselves if Their block dependency is removed, along with having Water or Liquid Coralium flow directly on top of them. Burning Darklands Oak Leaves will not yield saplings.


Darklands Oak Sapling is primarily used to grow new Darklands Oak Trees, which consists of the following: A base with a + formation spanning 1-3 blocks in height, a trunk that spans an additional 7-9 blocks in height, and Darklands Oak Leaves spawning on the topmost layer, which consists of 4-8 branches. Darklands Oak Trees have a maximum height of 13 blocks, and check within a 5 block radius from the sapling to spawn its branches. Darklands Oak Saplings will mature regardless of block obstructions, destroying them in the process to make room for the new tree. The player can use Bone Meal in an attempt to instantly mature the sapling.


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