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Demon Cow
A Demon Cow
A Demon Cow
Location All Biomes, Nether, The Dreadlands
Health 15 (30)
Damage 2 (4)
Height 1.3
Viewing distance default
Movement speed default
NBT Tags none

The Demon Cow spawns upon the death of an "evil" Cow which will pursue and attack the player once within its range. The flaming Demon Cow will cause the player or other burnable blocks to potentially catch fire. The drop when defeated during mimicry is the same as a vanilla cow.


The Demon Cow drops 1 - 3 Rotten Flesh on death.


The Demon Cow acts in most cases like a normal cow, except the fact that it's a bloodthirsty demonic creature. Differences between this cow and a normal cow (which isn't a red burning monster)

  • It's resistant to fire
  • It makes ghast sounds when hurt (with a lower pitch, making them sound pretty creepy)
  • It's hostile
  • They can't be bred
  • They don't spawn in the overworld (only in The Nether, The Dreadlands , or if an Evil Cow dies)


  • By using scissors, the demon cow drop 1 to 3 pieces of leather and it will reveal its identity instantly.
  • If a demon cow is defeated by Lesser Shoggoth during mimicry, it will be killed without revealing it's demon version.

See also Demon Pig, Demon Sheep, Demon Chicken.