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Demon Pig
Abyssalcraft demon pig.png
Location The Dreadlands, The Nether
Health 15
Damage 2
Height 0.9
Viewing distance default
Movement speed default
NBT Tags none

The Demon Pig is the aftermath of killing an Evil Pig , spawning this demonic inferno.


The Demon Pig drops 1 - 3 Rotten Flesh on death.


The Demon Pig acts in most cases like a normal pig, except the fact that it's a bloodthirsty demonic creature. Differences between this pig and a normal pig (which isn't a red burning monster)

  • It's resistant to fire.
  • It makes ghast sounds when hurt (with a lower pitch, making them sound pretty creepy).
  • It's hostile.
  • They can't be bred.
  • They can't wear saddles.
  • They don't spawn in the overworld (only in The Nether, The Dreadlands , or if an Evil Pig dies)


  • Since the evil pig was referred to as a "demon pig", Shinoow decided to create an actual demon pig mob, which turned out pretty evil.