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Depths Ghoul
The Depths Ghoul
The Depths Ghoul
Location The Abyssal Wasteland, The Overworld
Health 30
Damage 5
Height 2.8
Viewing distance 64
Movement speed 0.23
NBT Tags IsBaby, GhoulType

Depths Ghouls are hostile mobs that spawns in The Overworld and The Abyss . Like other undead creatures, they burn in sunlight.

They have a model of their own, which renders them as 3 block tall undead behemoths.

Depths Ghouls can appear as 2 types:

  • Depths Ghouls - 30 health, Roaming the Darklands
  • Baby Depths Ghouls - baby variant of the Depths Ghoul

The Depths Ghoul also 3 special forms that it sometimes spawns at:

  • Pete - 40 health, the ghoul is more green, with blue eyes. Constantly repeats his name as idle sound.
  • Mr. Wilson - 50 health, parody of Mr. Wilson from "Dennis The Menace"
  • Dr. Orange - 60 health, Depths Ghoul wearing a white doctor's robe and glasses.


Depths Ghouls drops Coralium plagued flesh on a bone.

In rare cases, they can drop Bones , Book And Quill , and Darkstone Swords .


Depths Ghouls behave a lot like Zombies , but with a few exceptions:

  • They don't break doors.
  • They don't attack Villagers.
  • They can breathe underwater.


  • The change of model (from the previous biped) had to do with the fact that the ghouls were compared to the Zombie pigman due to the old skin being an alteration to the skin the zombie pigmen use.
  • Did you know: the skin the Depths Ghouls used to have was shinoow's fourth skin, and is the base of the skin he uses now.