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Dread Fragment within an Inventory.

Dread Fragments are Material Items added to Abyssalcraft.

Dropped From[]

Dreadlings, Dread Spawn, and Spawn of Cha'garoth drop Dread Fragments on death.

Used in Recipes[]


  • Dread Cloth - 4 Dread Fragment, 4 String, 1 Leather.
  • Skin of the Dreadlands - 8 Dread Fragment, 1 Dreadlands Essence.
  • Dread Plague Antidote - (Shapeless) 1 Water Bottle, 1 Dread Fragment, 1 Dreaded Shoggoth Flesh, 1 Dreadlands Wood Sapling.


  • Dread Fragment + Awkward Potion = Potion of Dread Plague (3:00).
  • Redstone increases timer to 8:00
  • Glowstone turns Potion of Dread Plague into Potion of Dread Plague II
  • Gunpowder turns a Potion of Dread Plague or Potion of Dread Plague II into it's splash variant.
  • Dragon's Breath turns a Splash Potion into a Lingering Potion of Dread Plague (:45), (2:00), or II (0:05) respectively.
  • Lingering Potions of Dread Plague (:45) can be applied to arrows to craft Tipped Arrows of Dread Plague (:22) in a Crafting Table.


  • Can only be used as a Crystallizer Fuel, Crystallizing 0.5 items. 2 Dread Fragments are required to Crystallize 1 item.


  • Dreadlands Staff of Rending - [Requires Dreadlands Necronomicon or greater, the player to be in the Dreadlands and 2,000 PE] Offerings in the outer ring: 4 Dreadstone, 3 Dread Fragment, Shadow Gem. Item in Central Altar: Abyssal Wasteland Staff of Rending.
  • Moderate Scroll - [Requires Dreadlands Necronomicon or greater, but the player can conduct this ritual anywhere so long as they have 2,000 PE] Offerings in the outer ring: 2 Book, 1 Dreaded Shard of Abyssalnite, 1 Dread Fragment. Item in Central Altar: None.