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Player infected by Dread Plague.


Excerpt unlocked after being infected by Dread Plague.

Dread Plague is a disease originating from the Dreadlands.


Dread Plague is a very contagious disease, often jumping from host to host at a swift pace and corrupting everything within its path. Other Biomes are known to convert into Dreadlands Biomes, thus spreading this plague even further. If the Dread Plague is left unchecked, terminal corruption will occur within the infected area. Mobs killed by the dread plague will have a chance to mutate into a new Dread-infested monster in the process. A stronger variant of Dread Plague, known as Dread Plague II, will be able to spread the infection from the carrier passing it down to other non-infected mobs just by being near them. Dread Plague deals 1 point of damage every 0.75 seconds during the duration of infection.


While Dread Plague can be a deadly disease if left unchecked, the player can make proper preparations to ensure that they do not get infected. It's recommended that the player use a Bow and Arrow to take out infected targets. Some monsters, like the Dreadguard, are capable of spewing Gobs of Pure Dread, and must be kept at a distance to avoid infection. Brewing Potions of Dread is to be avoided at all cost. Staying away from Dread-Infested Biomes is an additional countermeasure to avoid the disease spreading.


Antidotes to the Dread Plague can be used to cleanse your body, purging the plague in the process. Dreadium Samurai Helmet is the only gear known to give the wearer complete immunity to the Dread Plague, and will remove any existing Dread Plague infection from its wearer. The Ritual of Purging will turn a Dreadlands biome outside of the Dreadlands into a Purged Biome, calcifying the corruption and stopping it dead in its tracks.

Terminal Corruption[]

If a Mob dies to Dread Plague, it will have a chance of becoming a Dreadling or Dread Spawn depending on which mob submitted to the plague. If a Cow, Pig, Chicken, or Sheep dies to Dread Plague, a Demonic version of that animal will have a chance to spawn in place of its death. Witches are the only known mob to outlast a Dread Plague's infection due to their AI detection and subsequently infinite supply of Healing and Regeneration Potions at their disposal.