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Dread Spawn Spotted within the Dreadlands.

The Dread Spawn is a mutated bundle of flesh that appears in The Dreadlands.

Dread Spawn
Location The Dreadlands
Health 20
Damage 6
Height 0.6
Viewing distance 32
Movement speed 0.3
NBT Tags none


The Dread Spawn drop 1 - 3 Dread Fragments on death.


  • Dread Spawn Spawn in all biomes within the Dreadlands.
  • They infect the player with 5 seconds of Dread Plague upon inflicting damage.
  • 5 of them can conjure up a Greater Dread Spawn, which boasts 100 HP.
  • a total of 25 are needed to let it mature all the way into a Lesser Dreadbeast.
  • They are immune to the Dread Plague, acting as Carriers to the infection.
  • Due to their Fire Immunity, they can swim in Lava.


  • This mob has had it's model changed twice. Shinoow had the idea of making it have 3 different models that it switched between when spawning, however, after failing with it, he decide to use the second model as the only model for it.
  • one of the models for this mob may have lead to the creation of Spawn of Cha'garoth