A player wearing Dreaded Abyssalnite armor

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Dreaded Abyssalnite Armor set

The Dreaded Abyssalnite Armor is a Tier II armor featured in AbyssalCraft. It is worn by Dreadguards, and sometimes dropped by them


The armor can be crafted using a ritual, surrounding an Abyssalnite armor piece with 7 Dreaded Shards of Abyssalnite and 1 Dreadlands Essence. It is also dropped by Dreadguards.


The Dreaded Abyssalnite Armor is equal to diamond with a lower 'Armor Toughness', but has slightly larger durability. It provides the following potion effects when worn:

  • Night Vision I
  • Fire Resistance IV

The armor set also has the ability to light any attackers on fire.

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