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Dreaded Abyssalnite Golem
The Dreaded Abyssalnite Golem
The Dreaded Abyssalnite Golem
Location The Dreadlands
Health 20
Damage 4
Height 1.8
Viewing distance 32
Movement speed 0.69
NBT Tags none

Dreaded Abyssalnite Golems as seen in newer iterations of Abyssalcraft.

Dreaded Abyssalnite Golems are hostile mobs that spawn in The Dreadlands. They attack the player and nearby Abyssalnite Golems, with the golems having a higher priority than the player.


Dreaded Abyssalnite Golems drops 1 - 3 Dreaded Chunk of Abyssalnite on death.


Like any hostile mob, these golems will attack the player on sight. What makes these different is that they will also attack any nearby Abyssalnite Golems, as the dread plague fills them with hatred against the regular type.

Can be drained with a Staff of Rending for Dreadlands Essence.