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The Dreadguard
The Dreadguard
Location The Dreadlands
Health 120
Damage 10
Height 3
Viewing distance 32
Movement speed 0.23
NBT Tags none

A Dreadguard without its armor.

Dreadguards are hostile mobs that spawns in specific areas of The Dreadlands, where they are known to be guarding Cha'garoth's lair.


Dreadguards drops 1 - 3 Dreaded Shard of Abyssalnite on death, with a chance of dropping a piece of Dreaded Abyssalnite Armor (with pretty worn out durability). The Detachment scroll can forcefully remove a random piece of Dreaded Abyssalnite Armor with full durability.


Dreadguards are slow-moving behemoths of flesh wearing Abyssalnite armor that's been corrupted by the Dread Plague. Along with being armored, they have quite a lot of health, and are pretty strong once they land a hit on you. The armor they wear is known to ignite assailants. Bringing Water, Potions of Fire Resistance, and Potions of Regeneration is strongly recommended.

One thing to take advantage of is the fact that they're very big, which allows you to easily hide in narrow gaps and attack them from that, keeping them from hitting you.

In some versions of Abyssalcraft, they will attempt to vomit Pure Dread on players, thus infecting them with the Dread Plague upon the vomit making contact.


  • The Dreadguard has had a fairly low attack damage, which will be boosted insanely in AC 1.7, plus the Dread Plague that will torment players as well.
  • This was the first elite mob released in AbyssalCraft, yet they didn't spawn anywhere until AC 1.7.
  • The idle sounds this mob makes are recordings of words and names being said backwards with a low pitch.