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An Ingot of Dreadium after completing the transmutation process.

Blood-Red colored ingots added by Abyssalcraft.


Dreadium Ingots are considered plague free ingots obtained from transmuting Dreaded Shard of Abyssalnite, or Materializing Crystallized Dreadium. The player can break apart a Block of Dreadium to obtain 9 ingots, or assemble 9 Dreadium Nuggets into a full ingot.

Used in Recipes[]

Dreadium Ingots can be used to create Dreadium Tools and Dreadium Armor, of which the armor can be upgraded further to forge the Dreadium Samurai Armor set. They are also primary metals needed to Craft Dreadium Plates. Dreadium Ingots can repair Dreadium Armor, but in order to repair the Dreadium Samurai Armor, a Dreadium Plate will be needed. Additionally, Dreadium Ingots are used in the forging of the legendary Dreadium Katana, which is the 3rd strongest weapon Abyssalcraft. The player can create Crystallized Dreadium after putting them in the Crystallizer. The player can also compress them into Block of Dreadium, of which two blocks are needed to Craft a Crystallizer.


At least 4 Ingots are needed to conjure the Ritual of Cha'garoth's Altar, two for the bottom and top respectively. Sacrifices are required and will require a total of 40,000 PE at 20,000 PE a piece. The player also needs a Dreadlands Necronomicon and will have to be within the Dreadlands to conduct this ritual.

Dropped From[]

The player can collect intact ingots of Dreadium after defeating Cha'garoth.


Other than Abyssalnite being abundant in the Dreadlands, Dreadium is also abundant in a corrupted form. So long as Dreadguards, Greater Dread Spawn, and Lesser Dreadbeasts exist, the player can hunt them down and gather Dreadium as a renewable resource after purifying the corrupted shards through Transmutation.