The Dreadium Samurai Armor is a tier IV armor set added in AbyssalCraft.

Dreadium Samurai Player.png
A player wearing Dreadium Samurai Armor

Dreadium Samurai Item.png


Dreadium Samurai Armor can be crafted using:

  • Dreadium Plates


The Dreadium Samurai Armor provides the following potion effects:

  • Helmet: Night Vision I
  • Chestplate: Resistance I, Strength I
  • Leggings: Fire Resistance II
  • Boots: Speed II

Repair Material

The player will need Dreadium Plates to repair this armor set in an Anvil.


The Dreadium Samurai Helmet renders the wearer completely immune to the Dread Plague so long as it is worn on the Helmet Slot, making Potions of Dread Plague safe to ingest.


  • This is the first armor set to have a custom model in AbyssalCraft.
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