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The Dreadlands[]

Previously a world of Abyssalnite, the Dreadlands got it's name when the Dread Plague was unleashed on it, killing all miners and corrupting the peaceful Abyssalnite Golems. The second layer of the Abyss holds lost souls of the living.


Dreadstone is a stone found commonly in the Dreadlands. It was formerly Abyssalnite Stone that was converted by the Dread Plague aeons ago. You can turn it into Dreadstone Bricks. It is also used when creafting the Altar of Cha'garoth.
Abyssalnite Stone.png
Abyssalnite Stone is a stone found within the Purified Dreadlands biome inside the Dreadlands. You can turn it into Abyssalnite Stone Bricks. This was formerly what the Dreadlands was made out of before it became the Dreadlands, since the dimension was once a gigantic mine hosting the largest amount of pure Abyssalnite.
Dreadlands Abyssalnite Ore.png
Dreadlands Abyssalnite is a variant of Abyssalnite found in the Dreadlands. The ore gained from mining it can be smelted for Abyssalnite Ingots. Ironically enough, based on the conditions where this ore exists, this is the purest form of Abyssalnite Ore found anywhere.
Dreaded Abyssalnite Ore.png
Dreaded Abyssalnite is a variant of Abyssalnite found in the Dreadlands. The ore gained from mining it can be smelted for Abyssalnite Ingots. If you crystallize this ore, you can get Dreadium Crystals, as this form of Abyssalnite has been corrupted by the Dread Plague.
Dreadlands Grass.png
Dreadlands Grass is a type of grass that grows in Dreadlands Forest biomes within the Dreadlands. Compared to regular grass, it is red. Only Dreadlands Trees and Darklands Oaks can grow on this grass.
Dreadlands Wood Sapling.png
Dreadlands Tree is a tree commonly found in Dreadlands Forest biomes inside the Dreadlands. It's wood can be used to make plank, which can be used to craft stairs, slabs and fence. Compared to the Oak, both the leaves and logs are red.


Once you have reached the Dreadlands, your next goal is to reach Omothol . You will need to own a Transmutator, and you need to defeat Cha'garoth, The Dreadbeast. In order to reach Cha'garoth, you need the Altar of Cha'garoth, made out of 2 pieces. Both recipes are found in the special materials section.

Once you have both Altar pieces, you need to place them at Y = 40 inside a Dreadlands Mountain biome and right-click it. Doing so will grant you entry to The Lair of Cha'garoth. After fighting through Dreadguards and eventually killing Cha'garoth, you will receieve a Dread-plagued Gateway Key, along with loot. The key needs to be transmuted into a functioning one.

With the aforementioned Transmutator (recipe in Abyssal Wasteland special materials section) you can transmute the Dread-plagued Gateway Key into Cha'garoth's R'lyehian Gateway Key, granting you access to Omothol. Upgrading your Necronomicon to the Omothol Necronomicon requires 8 Skins of Omothol.


Abyssalnite Golems are living ore clusters found in the Dreadlands. These creatures of solid abyssalnite were the native population of the dimensional mine that became the Dreadlands. They tend to pick fights with their Dreaded counterpart, to avenge their lost world.
Dreaded Abyssalnite Golems are living ore clusters found in the Dreadlands. Unlike the pure Abyssalnite Golems, these red chunks of corrupter Abyssalnite are slowly turning into Dreadium, while taking all measures on corrupting any remaining Abyssalnite.
Dreadling are mutated beings found in the Dreadlands. These beings were once Abyssalnite miners in the dimension that became the Dreadlands. They have no memory of their past, and now lives to worship Cha'garoth, The Dreadbeast, who controls them.
Dread Spawns are mutated beings found within the Dreadlands. They are rumored to share certain genetic features with Shoggoths. It is not known what these beings are, but one thing is sure, Cha'garoth creating them. Dread Spawns are slowly crawling mutants appearing often in Dreadlands Forests. If enough of them group up at one spot, they might merge, growing into a larger mass.
Demon Animals are demonic monsters found in the Nether and the Dreadlands. These abominations are commonly found in Dreadlands Forests or randomly in the Nether. How these monsters were created is unknown, but someone hated humans enough to turn farm animals hostile against them.
Spawns of Cha'garoth are mutated beings found in the Dreadlands. Compared to the Dread Spawn, these mutated beings are the offspring of Cha'garoth, having a few of his features. They are stronger than their lesser counterpart (the Dread Spawn), and are usually spawned by Cha'garoth.
Fists of Cha'garoths are living hands found in the Dreadlands. As the Dreadbeast is immobile, he managed to create arms that stretched almost infinitely across the Dreadlands, with empty eyeballs for him to gaze through. This is literally a hand holding a eyeball.
Dreadguards are powerful mutants found in the Dreadlands. These particular beings have been empowered by Cha'garoth, and placed in corrupted Abyssalnite Armor with the task of guarding their master, which they do quite well. They drop Dreaded Shards of Abyssalnite.
Cha'garoth, The Dreadbeast, is the Second boss in AbyssalCraft, encountered in the Dreadlands. Cha'garoth is the result of a new dangerous virus, 3 chopped off hydra heads and a dead Shoggoth. Becoming a health hazard for The Great Old Ones, he was placed in the dimension that became the Dreadlands, killing and corrupting everything.
Lesser Shoggoths are a smaller breed of Shoggoths found throughout the Abyss. Shoggoths are amorphous shapeshifting beings genetically engineered by the Elder Things as a race of servant-tools. Though being mindless, they became conscious and killed their masteers. Now they sometimes build monoliths in honor of The Great old Ones.

Special Materials

Dreadium can be obtained in numerous ways. The first method is to transmute Dreaded Shards of Abyssalnite (dropped by Dreadguards).

When you have enough Dreadium Ingots to craft a Crystallizer, you can crystallize Dreaded materials to obtain Dreadium Crystals (mostly shards which you can combine into crystals that can be transmuted for Dreadium Ingots).

A Crystallizer is crafted using Dreadstone Bricks, Blocks of Dreadium and a Furnace.

Dreadium Ingots are obtained by transmuting Dreaded Shards of Abyssalnite, which are dropped by Dreadguards inside the Dreadlands. Dreadium is a lot easier to obtain once you have a Crystallizer.

A Dread Cloth is crafted with Dread Fragments, Strings and a piece of Leather.
An Altar of Cha'garoth (Bottom) is crafted with Dreadstone, Dreadium Ingots, Asorah's Dreaded Gateway Key, Bones, Dread Cloth and a Dreaded Shard of Abyssalnite.
An Altar of Cha'garoth (Top) is crafted with Sticks, a Bucket, Dread Cloths and Dreadium Ingots.
A Dreadium Plate is crafted with Dreadium Ingots and a Dread Cloth.
A Dreadium Katana Hilt is crafted with Dreadium Ingots, Dreadlands Wood Planks and Dread Cloth.
A Dreadium Katana Blade is crafted with Dreadium Crystals.
A Skin of Omothol is crafted with Omothol Ghoul Flesh and a Essence of Omothol. The essence is obtained through the use of a Staff of Rending.
A Omothol Necronomicon is crafted with Skin of Omothol and a Dreadlands Necronomicon.

Special Armor and Tools

A Dreadium Samurai Helmet is crafted with Dreadium Plates, a Dreadium Ingot and a Dreadium Helmet.
A Dreadium Samurai Chestplate is crafted with Dreadium Plates, Dread Cloth, a Dreadium Ingot and a Dreadium Chestplate.
Dreadium Samurai Leggings are crafted with Dreadium Plates, Dread Cloth and Dreadium Leggings.
Dreadium Boots are crafted with Dread Cloth, Dreadlands Wood Planks and Dreadium Boots.
A Dreadium Katana is crafted with a Dreadium Katana Blade and a Dreadium Katana Hilt.