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Dreadlands Forests are a naturally spawning biome found in Abyssalcrafts Dreadlands. It's comprised of dark red rock, crimson leaved trees, and has a dark red sky over it similar to other Dreadland biomes.


Demon Pigs, Dreadlings, Dread Spawn, Abyssalnite Golems and Dreaded Abyssalnite Golems can be found roaming the forests. Most will spawn in groups of about 1-5 mobs. Despite there being small patches of Abyssalnite Stone, Abyssalnite Golems will spawn independent of it. Demon Pigs will not spawn trails of fire in the Dreadlands, allowing the trees to stand in peace.


The Dreadlands Wood Tree is found mildly scattered across the land, growing in similar fashion to short oak trees. The ground is covered in Dreadlands Grass Block, with no tall grass, although it can be grown by using bonemeal on the Dreadlands Grass Block. Dreaded Abyssalnite Ore can be found at (?depth range?). Small, medium, and large patches of Abyssalnite Stone can be found sparsely at the surface, replacing the generation of stagnant bodies of water.

The terrain resembles that of a standard Overworld forest, with hills interrupting the flatter sections. It seems that caves and ravines try to generate, as holes can be found in the grass and dirt of the biome, but the caves and ravines immediately cut off at the Dreadstone layer. This makes exploring natural caves quite a bit harder, seeing as you would have to dig much more to get to a depth with worthwhile rewards.

Small "pockets" of air generate sparsely, in a similar fashion to the air pockets occasionally seen in the Ocean. Examples of terrain generation typical of the Dreadlands Forest can be seen below.


  • Mineshaft

Mineshafts with Dreadlands Wood Plank and Dreadlands Wood Fence support structures can be found naturally generating in a similar manner to Overworld mineshafts, complete with torches and minecart chests. Within the chests, in addition to regular minecart chest loot, it is possible to find Crystallized Elements, Dreaded Abyssalnite Shards, Chunks of Abyssalnite, and Dreaded Chunks of Abyssalnite.

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  • Water takes on it's basic, blue color when placed in the Dreadlands.
  • If the mod is installed, Battletowers can still spawn in the Dreadlands Forest.