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The Dreadlands Infused Powerstone is a crafting material from the Abyssal Wasteland, only found in rare Abyssal Strongholds generating all over the dimension.


The Powerstone can be found in rare stronghold-like structures spawning across the Abyssal Wasteland. As those structures are very rare, one can use Powerstone Trackers to locate them; the Trackers are used in a similar manner to Eyes of Ender.


One can combine the Powerstone with a Transmutation Gem and a Eye of the Abyss to upgrade the Gateway Key MK1 into Asorah's Dreaded Gateway Key. The ritual must be performed in the Abyssal Wasteland, requires a sacrifice and costs 10000 PE.


The Powerstone drops itself when mined with a Refined Coralium Pickaxe or above. Otherwise, it drops nothing.