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Recipe for Dreadstone Bricks

Decorative Stone with a deep red color added by Abyssalcraft.


The player can craft 4 Dreadstone into their bricks variant into the Crafting Table. Additionally, the player can Craft them within their 2x2 Inventory Crafting Grid.


No mobs are known to drop this item. Dreadstone Brick makes up part of Cha'garoth's Lair.

Used in recipes[]

The player can Craft the Crystallizer using 6 Dreadstone Bricks, a Furnace, and 2 Block of Dreadium. Additionally, the player can use them for decoration in the form of Stairs, Slabs, and Fences. The player can also Smelt Dreadstone Bricks in a Furnace to create Cracked Dreadstone Bricks.


Once the player obtained a Dreadlands Necronomicon, PE Manipulation and Generation items can be upgraded to the Dread Tier at the cost of 1,200 PE. Two Dreadstone Bricks are required for each upgrade. These upgrades offer more PE storage and improved transportation rate along with slight increases in block range.