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The Fist of Cha'garoth is a Semi-Elite mob found Within The Dreadlands .

Cha'garoth's Fist.

Fist of Cha'garoth
Location The Dreadlands
Health 50
Damage 7.5
Height 1.8
Viewing distance 32
Movement speed 0.23
NBT Tags none


The Fist of Cha'garoth drops 1 - 3 Dread Fragments on death. (In Some Versions of Abyssalcraft, it drops nothing, except granting the player 5 EXP upon killing it.)


  • The Classification of Semi-Elite mobs involve having at least 50, but less than 100 health and deal at least 6 points of damage.
  • Unlike other Dread-Infested mobs, A Fist of Cha'garoth does NOT infect the player with Dread Plague.
  • Fists of Cha'garoth are immune to Fire, and are able to swim in Lava.
  • Fists of Cha'garoth are hostile to the player, and will attack on sight.
  • Despite sharing the same footstep sounds as the Spider, it is incapable of climbing walls, fences, etc.
  • Fists of Cha'garoth spawn anywhere within the Dreadlands.


  • The Fist of Cha'garoth is the first semi-elite mob in AbyssalCraft.