AbyssalCraft Wiki

These are the general features of the mod.

New worlds to discover[]

With The Abyss implented, there's a multitude of different dimensions to discover, with all kinds of monsters to fight while descending deeper down.

New zombie breed[]

AbyssalCraft adds a new zombie breed, which can infect the regular ones, adding a twist to the normal zombie epidemic.

Upgrading and Salvaging armor/tools[]

You can smelt down your old armor for a refund on the materials used, and you can craft upgrade kits to upgrade your armor and tools to the next tier (wood<cobble<iron<gold<diamond<abyssalnite<coralium<dreadium<ethaxium).

Alteration to the "regular minecraft world"[]

With the Coralium infused tools, you can transmutate certain elements, depending on the tool and the element.

New materials[]

AbyssalCraft features 4 new materials that can be crafted into armor and tools, not to mention the several extra sets that can be crafted using the same materials, or combinations.

New machines[]

AbyssalCraft adds in 3 new machines, allowing you to convert elements into crystals or transmutate the element into a different form, or engrave coins, which uses no magic.

New overworld biomes[]

With the Darklands and the Coralium Infested biomes, there's tons of new terrains to discover.

New liquids[]

Liquid Coralium can convert other liquids into itself, while the Liquid Antimatter can turn any other liquid solid.