AbyssalCraft Wiki

J'zahar spawns in his temple in Omothol (Temple located at X: 5, Y:53 Z: 7), and summons in his minions when he is in battle. He is the strongest boss in the mod. He will also instantly vanquish Cha'garoth, The Dreadbeast, Asorah, The Fallen, and Sacthoth, Harbinger Of Doom when they are near him. And when the player spawns Cha'garoth, Asorah, or Sacthoth, or even tries to explode him with TNT or Oblivion Deathbombs, this will appear in the chat: "J'zahar: Ahem, I thought I gave you an assignment eons ago. Did it ever occur to you that it was permanent?" And when the player summons him in with a spawn egg in creative mode, this will appear in the chat: "J'zahar: <Your Username>, you do realize I could simply switch your game mode and slaughter you right now? I'm that kind of Entity. But that would technically be cheating, so I'll just stick to "rules" and do nothing." He will also switch your game mode to survival mode and kill you before a command block setup can switch you back to Creative Mode. If you hit him too many times in Creative Mode, then he will insta-kill you. and say the following "Whoops I slipped".


- Shoot Wither Skulls

- Summon blackholes causing them to switch dimensions (if you have other dimensions he can make you go there to)

- Switch player's gamemode to Survival Mode

- Shout at enemies

- Summon Implosions

- Summon Lightning Bolts

- Summon Minion of The Gatekeeper(s)


Health: 500 (1000 in Abyssalcraft Hardcore mode)

Armour: 44

Damage: 50 (100 in Abyssalcraft Hardcore mode)

Type of Mob: Hostile Boss

Immune to /kill @e

When you win the battle, he drops Essence of the Gatekeeper which gives you access to his book, the Abyssalnomicon wrote by J'zahar himself! But if you lose the battle, he will not drop the essence and you will be teleported to the dark realm. He can also be respawned by performing the Ritual of Reversed Time in his temple at X: 4 Y: 54 Z: 85. At those coordinates, there will be a pre-made altar for performing rituals.