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Lesser Dreadbeasts are rare, Elite Mobs that spawn within the Dreadlands.

Lesser Dreadbeast. A rare encounter within the Dreadlands.


  • HP: 300
  • Movement Speed: Slow
  • Projectile Damage: 6 (Infects Players with Dread Plague for 5 seconds.)
  • Melee Damage: 10 (Easy), 18 (Normal), 26 (Hard). (Infects Players with Dread Plague for 5 seconds.)
  • Immune to: Dread Plague, Fire, Drowning.



Drops 0-2 Dreaded Shards of Abyssalnite on death.


  • Attacks players on sight. Moves toward closest player while hurling Dread Projectiles in random directions.
  • Capable of climbing blocks.
  • Splits into 2 Greater Dread Spawn on death, which will then split into an additional 2 more Dread Spawn on death.
  • While the Lesser Dreadbeast is attacking or moving, Dread Spawn will spawn from its mass once every ~20 seconds.


  • Due to the way the player fights a Lesser Dreadbeast and subsequent Spawned Dread Spawn, their total HP can exceed that of Cha'garoth if the right conditions are met. Excluding assisted spawns, One Lesser Dreadbeast has an effective HP stat of 580 after killing the other Dread Spawn that end up splitting from the previous carcass until nothing remains, making it one of the most tanky Elite Mobs in Abyssalcraft.