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Liquid Antimatter is a dangerous new liquid added to AbyssalCraft.


Liquid Antimatter has the ability to de-materialize entities, and can also change states on other liquids (eg. turning them solid when colliding). If you happen to fall into a pool of Liquid Antimatter, you will likely die within approximately 5 seconds, as it deals 5 HP of damage every half-second, making it quite hard to avoid certain death when getting in contact with it. The cause of death from such effect would be referred to as getting "Molecularly disassembled", as the Liquid Antimatter would (from a scientific point of view) annihilate every atom in your body, disassembling every molecule that you're built up from.


Liquid Antimatter generates underground within Coralium Infested Swamps. A Liquid Antimatter source block can also be obtained by using a Liquid Antimatter bucket.

An antimater lake generated at Y:16.


Liquid Antimatter can be used for a number of things, such as solidifying other liquids, and turning entities into anti-entities (if there is a anti-version of the entity killed by the liquid, the anti-version will take the original entity's place). Anti-entities are stronger than their normal counterparts, and will explode if they collide with them (following the antimatter principle).

If you want the specific potion effect given from the liquid antimatter, you can brew a Liquid Antimatter Bucket to obtain a "Potion of Annihilation".


  • This liquid is the only liquid that prevents Liquid Coralium from spreading.
  • Unlike the other three liquids (water, lava, and coralium), liquid antimatter does not have a solid state.
  • If a player dies from Liquid Antimatter, an Anti-Player will spawn. Anti-Players behave similarly to zombies, except that they don't attack villagers (or any other mob), they have a 100% drop pickup rate, and they don't burn in sunlight.
  • Anti-Mobs do not take damage from antimatter.