Liquid Coralium

Liquid Coralium is a poisonous cyan liquid added in AbyssalCraft. It has the ability to transform any water-based liquid into itself, and most stone types into Abyssal Stone. It also infects anything that touches it with the Coralium Plague that deals damage to most entities.

Obtaining Edit

Liquid Coralium generates in pools within The Abyssal Wasteland at fairly high rates. A source block will be placed when emptying a Liquid Coralium Bucket.

Drops Edit

If the liquid collides with Liquid Antimatter, it will solidify into Coralium Stone, so that could count as a potential drop. The liquid also solidifies when in contact with a block of Coralium Stone. Otherwise this block drops nothing, as it is a liquid.

Usage Edit

Liquid Coralium has multiple uses. You can rapidly spread it by dumping a bucket of it into a pool of water (or any water-based liquid). You can also use it to produce Abyssal Stone, by pouring it on any type of stone (stone bricks will become Abyssal Stone Bricks).

It can also be used as fuel for the Transmutator. It is also capable of creating Abyssal Zombies, by infecting whatever comes in contact with it with the Coralium Plague (this does not apply to entities who are immune to said plague). If a Player or Zombie dies from the Coralium Plague, there is chance that they will become an Abyssal Zombie.

Since liquid coralium iswater-based, mobs won't recognize it as toxic and will pathfind through it (like with water), allowing players to use it as an unsuspecting death trap for mobs.

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first liquid added to AbyssalCraft.
  • Boats can be placed and ridden on this liquid similarly to water, however the rider will get the Coralium Plague debuff.
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