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A Minion of the Gatekeeper. Both front and back is shown.

Minion of The Gatekeeper is an Elite, Hostile Mob added by Abyssalcraft.


  • Movement Speed: Slow
  • HP: 250.
  • Damage: Easy - 10. Normal - 18. Hard - 27.
  • Height: 2 and 13/16th blocks tall. Takes suffocation damage if the head region is obstructed by an Opague Block.
  • Immunities: Annihilation, Coralium Plague, Dread Plague, Drowning.


  • 0-2 Eldritch Scales on death.
  • Rarely drops an Ethaxium Ingot (Player kill only.) [Looting 3 will drop up to 4 Ethaxium Ingots per kill.]
  • 5 EXP when killed by a player.


  • Hostile to players on sight, targeting the nearest player.
  • Only conducts melee attacks.
  • Stops movement if they detect a 2 block high gap.
  • Emits "Remnant Screams Abysmally" when attacked and "Living Shadow Dies" sounds on death.