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an Oblivion Death Bomb placed on the ground.

The Oblivion Deathbomb is a powerful explosive added in AbyssalCraft. It is capable of destroying almost any block in the game (apart from Bedrock, End portal frames and Glowing Darkstone Bricks).


The Oblivion Deathbomb is crafted using 1 Oblivion Catalyst, 1 ODB Core, 5 blocks of Obsidian, 1 Liquid Coralium Bucket and 1 Liquid Antimatter Bucket. The 5 Obsidian blocks are placed in a "C" shape, with the ODB Core in the center, and the Oblivion Catalyst next to it, with the buckets placed on the slot over it and the slot under it (one on each place).


This block drops nothing.


Place on ground and light with flint and steel to use. Causes a massive explosion capable of dealing Cataclysmic amounts of damage along with annihilating virtually every block in the game except for the ones mentioned above, so don't have anything you value nearby when you active this.

Apart from wreaking havoc with a big explosion, the Oblivion Deathbomb is used to summon Sacthoth, Harbringer of Doom. After the explosion, a 19x1x19 platform will appear, where Sacthoth will spawn.


  • The explosion has been altered many times through the development of AbyssalCraft, mainly due to it not being powerful enough, but also due to it sometimes crashing the game due to it needing too much computer resources.
  • It is the most destructive explosive in the game, capable of dealing over 1,900 damage to unarmored players, thereby instantly killing anything caught within its massive blast radius.
  • It creates an explosion that is 95 blocks high, 98 blocks down, and at least 300 blocks in diameter. If the Oblivion Deathbomb is detonated at Y=99, then it will blow everything to ribbons and expose the Bedrock Layer, along with blowing off any mountain tops in the process if it was detonated in a Mountain Biome.
  • As an upside to its destructive potential, this explosive is perfectly ideal for anyone wanting a crater base.