The Oblivion Catalyst is an item added in AbyssalCraft, mainly used as a power source for certain things. It is essential to progression, as the Gateway Key requires one.

Crafting Edit

In crafting table (prior to AbyssalCraft 1.8.8 Beta)




SO = Shard of Oblivion

RD = Redstone Dust

EE = Eye of Ender

Infusion Ritual (post AbyssalCraft 1.8.8 Beta)

Infuse an Eye of Ender with 4 Shards of Oblivion and 4 units of Redstone Dust. Requires 5000 PE (as of AbyssalCraft 1.9.12)

Usage Edit

Used in the crafting of the First Gateway Key, the Oblivion Deathbomb and the Abyssalnomicon.

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