Obtaining Knowledge[edit | edit source]

Some information in this book is incomprehensible to your puny, regular, untwisted mortal mind. By studying artifacts, listening to the whispers from statues, defeat monsters and explore the surroundings, you can expand your mind with new knowledge, enabling you to comprehend the information. Some Items and Blocks also require knowledge in order to be comprehended. Treasure chests can contain lost pages with information, and in old structures scattered about, you can uncover murals that will grant you knowledge. Statues depicting Great Old Ones can sometimes be heard whispering things. Through combat, you can gain knowledge of the enemy after defeating it. Exploring biomes and dimensions will grant you new knowledge. The information you can't comprehend appears in Aklo glyphs rather than the human alphabet. The following page has an example of such glyphs: (Picture below)

Screenshot 3.png
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