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A endless temple city built at the very edge of sanity. The Realm of J'zahar holds the only entrance to where The Great Old Ones dwell. The Gatekeeper is always watching, and nobody leaves the final layer of the Abyss alive.


Omothol Stone.png
Omothol Stone is a new type of stone that Omothol is made out of. It can be combined with Ethaxium to create Dark Ethaxium.
Ethaxium is a new material most commonly appearing in Omothol as the material used for structures built there. Ethaxium is extremely hard, and can thus only be destroyed with tools made from it. Ethaxium is said to be what souls are made out of, which likely explains why it's almost indestructible. No wonder J'zahar built his temple city from this.
Dark Ethaxium Brick.png
Dark Ethaxium is a stronger version of Ethaxium created by combining regular Ethaxium with Omothol Stone. This kind of Ethaxium is harder than it's normal counterpart. This material is only used in one structure, the Temple of J'zahar.


Now that you've arrived in Omothol, it's time to battle J'zahar, Gatekeeper of The Abyss. This Dimension is currently incomplete, so there isn't that much to do here apart from getting materials to craft the Abyssalnomicon.

This section will be updated when Omothol has been completed. At that point, there will be a gigantic city built upon these floating islands.


Remnants are the citizens of Omothol, found there. Since all Great Old Ones has some type of offspring, J'zahar has the Remnants, whom are lesser beings of himself, incapable of obtaining the power he bears. Instead they worship him like his loyal breed, and trade goods with other life forms.
Omothol ghouls are the final evolution, found in Omothol. The Omothol Ghoul is the final evolution of the Depths Ghoul, unlocking the full potential of death. Aeons in darkness has made these behemoths immune to fire, while strengthening them greatly.
Omothol Wardens are demons found in Omothol. Omothol Wardens are demons tasked by J'zahar to patrol Omothol, searching for intruders to eliminate. These demonic beings are powerful guardians of the Abyss.
Minions of The Gatekeeper are loyal servants to J'zahar found in Omothol. Minions of The Gatekeeper are an elite of more powerful Remnants serving their master. They are commonly found around The Temple of J'zahar, being loyal minions to the Gatekeeper.
J'zahar, Gatekeeper of The Abyss, is the final boss in AbyssalCraft, found in Omothol. J'zahar was the only one among The Great Old Ones to not get banished to the eternal void. Due to the powers he obtained when he reverted time and space to re-create it, he is tasked with guarding his fellow demonic gods in their eternal slumber.
Lesser Shoggoths are a smaller breed of Shoggoths found throughout the Abyss. Shoggoths are amorphous shapeshifting beings genetically engineered by the Elder Things as a race of servant-tools. Though being mindless, they became conscious and killed their masteers. Now they sometimes build monoliths in honor of The Great old Ones.

Special Materials[]

A Life Crystal is crafted with a Carbon, a Hydrogen, a Nitrogen, a Oxygen, a Phosphorus and a Sulfur Crystal.

The Crystals are gained from crystallizing Coal, Water, Nitre, Rotten Flesh and Lapis Lazuli. The Nitrogen Crystal comes from Crystallizing the Nitrate Crystal from the Nitre.

A Ethaxium Ingot is crafted with Ethaxium Bricks and a Life Crystal.

Ethaxium Bricks are gained from smelting Ethaxium, which is obtained by transmuting End Stone. Ethaxium Ingots can also be crafted with a Oblivion Catalyst surrounded by 4 Ethaxium Bricks, sparing 4 Ethaxium Bricks.

A Blank Coin Engraving is crafted with Stone Slabs and a Iron Ingot.

There are current 4 Coin Engravings: Blank, Cthulhu, Elder and J'zahar. Upgrading a Engraving Template (in the previous order), requires a Ethaxium Ingot.

A Coin is crafted with a piece of Flint and Iron Ingots. Can also be crafted with Tin and Copper Ingots.
A Engraver is crafted with Stone, a Lever, an Anvil and Blank Coin Engravings.
A Crystal bag is crafted with Leather and a Gold Ingot.

They can be upgraded to hold more crystals by surrounding it with Skin of The Abyssal Wasteland, Skin of The Dreadlands, then Skin of Omothol.

A Materializer is crafted with Ethaxium Bricks, Obsidian, Blocks of Ethaxium and a Liquid Antimatter Bucket.

To use a Materializer, you need to place a Crystal Bag in the first slot, then a Necronomicon in the second, then you can create materials using the crystals inside the bag.

An Abyssalnomicon is crafted with Ethaxium Ingots, Eldritch Scales, a Oblivion Catalyst and a Omothol Necronomicon.

Eldritch Scales are gained from killing Remnants and Minions of The Gatekeeper.