AbyssalCraft Wiki

The Overworld[]

The Overworld has been expanded in new biomes to discover, among them the Darklands biomes and the Coralium Infested Swamp. You may also encounter Depths Ghouls and Abyssal Zombies during your travels, who enter the overworld through the Abyssal Wasteland.


Abyssalnite Ore.png
Abyssalnite is a new ore found in Darklands biomes. It is stronger than diamonds, and can be used to create tools, weapons and armor. Can be found below Y = 32. When mined, it drops ore blocks to smelt for ingots. The ingots are purple, much like the ore itself.
Darkstone is a new type of stone found in Darklands biomes. Majority of Darklands Mountains are made out of this stone. The Dark Realm also consists of this material. When mined, it drops Darkstone cobblestone, and it can be turned into bricks, called Darkstone Bricks. This material is 20% stonger than regular stone, and can be used to make tools that are 20% strong than their counterparts.
Coralium Ore.png
Coralium is a new ore found in ocean biomes and swamp biomes. The gems from it has multiple uses, among them the creation of Coralium Pearls. Large amounts of gems can be used to create Coralium Chunks, which can be smelted down for Refined Coralium Ingots. Coralium Pearls are required to create the first Gateway Key, used to reach the first dimension, the Abyssal Wasteland.
Darklands Oak Sapling.png
Darklands Oak is a new tree commonly found in Darklands biomes. It's wood can be used to create planks, which can be used to craft stairs, slabs and fences. Compared to the normal Oak wood, it's darker in color, and could thus be more stylish in design patterns, shifting the different wood types.
Nitre Ore.png
Nitre is a new ore found randomly in the Overworld. It can be used to create gunpowder, but doesn't have that many uses pas that. It can be crystallized Potassium and Nitrate crystals. This material will likely have additional usages in the future.
Liquid Antimatter.png
Liquid Antimatter is a new liquid found underground in Coralium Infested Swamps. It has the ability to de-materialize entities, and can also force other liquids to solidify upon collision. If you happen to fall into a pool of Liquid Antimatter, you will likely die within approximately 5 seconds, as it deals a large amount of damage in a very short time, making it quite hard to avoid certain death when getting in contact with it.
Darklands Grass.png
Darklands Grass is a new type of grass found in Darklands biomes. Compared to regular grass, this one is purple and emits nether portal particles randomly. Another difference is that you can't plant regular trees on it, only the ones added in AbyssalCraft (Darklands Oak, Dreadlands Tree). However, flowers, tall grass and mushrooms will grow here.


In order to reach the Abyssal Wasteland, one must craft a Gateway Key, which requires one to travel to the Nether, and visit a Darklands and a water-based biome. The water-based biome can be either a swamp or a ocean biome.

From the Nether you need 2 Blaze Rods, and probably a few more for later. From the Darklands biome you need to slay living shadows to finally obtain Shadow Gems. They are most commonly found in Darklands Mountains biomes. It is recommended to obtain a Staff of Rending in order to obtain Shadow Gems faster (more information in the special armor and tools section).

From the water-based biome you need Coralium Gems in order to create Coralium Pearls. Once you have obtained these items, you can begin crafting Transmutation Gems (4 will be needed, and the excess Blaze Rods are used to make powder for these). Recipes for this and Shards of Oblivion can be found in the special materials section.

When you have 4 Shards of Oblivion, use those and 4 units of Redstone Dust to infuse a Eye of Ender (through an infusion ritual, found in the ritual section of the Necronomicon) in order to create an Oblivion Catalyst, main component of the Gateway Key (the special materials section has the recipe).

Once the Gateway Key is crafted, simply right-click on the ground to form a portal. For more information, you will need the Abyssal Wasteland Necronomicon, which requires 8 Skins of The Abyssal Wasteland in order to upgrade. The Staff of Rending is needed in order to obtain essences used to craft those.


Abyssal Zombies can be found in various Ocean, Swamp, Beach and Darklands biomes. Abyssal Zombies are formerly Zombies who has been infected with the Coralium Plague, causing them to evolve into these beings. They are hostile against regular Zombies. They also spawn in the Abyssal Wasteland and the End.
Depths Ghouls are evolved Coralium Infested undead. Spawns where Abyssal Zombies spawn. Depths Ghouls are the masterpiece of Coralium Plague evolution on Zombies, rarely mutating into these behemoths. Some of them gains new forms, such as Pete, Mr. Wilson and Dr Orange, each stronger than the other.
Shadow Creatures are inhabitants of The Dark Realm, can be found in Darklands Mountains. Shadow Creatures are living shadows naturally found in The Dark Realm, but are capable of merging to Omothol and all the way to the Darklands. The Shadow Creature is the smallest evolution of living shadows.
Shadow Monsters are inhabitants of The Dark Realm, can be found in Darklands Mountains. Shadow Monsters are living shadows naturally found in The Dark Realm, but are capable of merging to Omothol and all the way to the Darklands. The Shadow Monster is the middle evolution of living shadows.
Shadow Beasts are inhabitants of The Dark Realm, can be found in Darklands Mountains. Shadow Beasts are living shadows naturally found in The Dark Realm, but are capable of merging to Omothol and all the way to the Darklands. The Shadow Beast is the greater evolution of living shadows.
Inside the Coralium Infested Swamp you can find several life forms made out of antimatter. If a anti-entity collides with it's normal counterpart, they explode. There are anti-versions of: Zombies, Abyssal Zombies, Skeletons, Depths Ghouls, Bats, Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Creepers, Spiders and Players. Anti-Players don't explode.
If you encounter any of these animals, you will quickly notice that it's hostile and screams when you hit it. The Evil Animals are pre-evolving Demon Animals, which hatches when you kill the current animal-based organism. They are immune to fire, and spawn in most Overworld biomes.
Lesser Shoggoths are a smaller breed of Shoggoths found throughout the Abyss. Shoggoths are amorphous shapeshifting beings genetically engineered by the Elder Things as a race of servant-tools. Though being mindless, they became conscious and killed their masteers. Now they sometimes build monoliths in honor of The Great old Ones.

Special Materials[]

Coralium Infused Stone is crafted with Coralium Gem Clusters and Stone. The three clusters can be of any size, but must add up to 9.

If you use a 9-gem cluster, surround it with Stone blocks instead of 2 rows. When this block is broken (or smelt) you get a Coralium Pearl.

A Shadow Gem is crafted with Shadow Gem Shards. The Shards are crafted the same way, but with Shadow Fragments.

Shadow Fragments are dropped by Shadow Creatures, Shadow Gem Shards are dropped by Shadow Monsters and Shadow Gems are dropped by Shadow Beasts. They spawn in Darklands Mountains biomes and the Dark Realm.

A Shard of Oblivion is crafted with Shadow Gems and a Transmutation Gem.
The Gateway Key is crafted with Blaze Rods, Coralium Pearls and a Oblivion Catalyst.
A Skin of The Abyssal Wasteland is crafted with Coralium-plagued Flesh and a Essence of The Abyssal Wasteland. The essence is obtained through the use of a Staff of Rending.
A Abyssal Wasteland Necronomicon is crafted with Skin of The Abyssal Wasteland and a Necronomicon. It contains more knowledge.

Special Armor and Tools[]

A Staff of Rending is crafted with Shadow Gem Shards and a Shard of Oblivion. it can harvest energy from certain entities (by right clicking). Abyssal Wasteland Energy can be harvested from any Coralium entity inside the Abyssal Wasteland. Dreadlands Energy can be harvested from any Dread Entity inside the Dreadlands. Omothol Energy can be harvested from any entity inside Omothol. Shadow Energy is harvested from any living shadow. Essences are created when sufficient energy is collected.