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Evil Pig
The Evil Pig
The Evil Pig
Location The Overworld
Health 15
Damage 2
Height 0.9
Viewing distance default
Movement speed default
NBT Tags none

The Pig isn't a regular Pig , this is a evil demon with the shape of a pig, doing anything to hurt the player. These "pigs" spawn like normal pigs, except they have a lower spawn rate. They have 15 health, and once they are "killed", they transform to demon pigs, which leave a trail of fire as they walk. These pigs spawn in the day time, and caution should be taken when fighting them near a heavily dense area of trees, as the fire will become out of control.


The Pig drops 1 - 3 Raw Porkchops , like any other pig , this might be changed in the future as it is much harder to defeat.


The Pig acts in most cases like a regular pig, that is, until it spots a player. A few things that makes it different is:

  • It's resistant to fire.
  • It makes the ghast sound when getting hurt.
  • It's hostile. Normal pigs aren't hostile.
  • They can't be bred, they don't care about carrots.
  • Can't wear a saddle.
  • On death, it reveals its true form as it turns into a Demon Pig .


  • A lot of people refer to it as the "undead pig clone". On the other hand, Shinoow (and basically all of the CobbleHut players) refer to it as the "demon pig".
  • There are plans of getting a new appearance to this mob, so that the "demon pig" part really gets embraced.
  • Due to the whole "demon pig" stuff, Shinoow actually created a Demon Pig mob, then made the evil pig more "normal pig"-ish.