A player wearing Plated Coralium armor

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Plated Coralium Armor set

The Plated Coralium Armor is a tier III armor set featured in AbyssalCraft. The armor uses large quantities of Coralium to craft (ingots, pearls, plates).


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Crafting recipe (gif is refusing to animate, click on it)

Materials used to craft the Plated Coralium armor are:

The armor, if damaged, can be repaired with Coralium Plates in an anvil.


The Plated Coralium Armor is stronger than diamond, and it provides the following potion effects when worn:

  • Night Vision I
  • Speed I (when outside of
  • Speed III (when inside a body of water)
  • Water Breathing II (when inside a body of water)

It can dispell the Coralium Plague, if the player recieves this effect.


  • This is likely the most expensive armor set in AbyssalCraft, requiring the player to obtain tremendous amounts of Coralium.
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