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Smelting and Transmutation Recipes for Refined Coralium

Refined Coralium Ingots are a pale-green ingot. They are stronger than Abyssalnite, but weaker than Dreadium and Ethaxium. They are obtained by smelting Chunks of Coralium, smelting Liquified Coralium Ore, transmutating and materializing Crystalized Coralium, and killing Asorah, The Fallen. (Image shows the 3 ways of getting Refined Coralium Ingots besides killing Asorah)


Refined Coralium Ingots can be crafted into Refined Coralium Tools, Refined Coralium Armor, Plated Coralium Armor, Refined Coralium Blocks, Coralium Plates, and the Coralium Longbow. Coralium Plates can be used to make Plated Coralium Armor and Refined Coralium Blocks can be used to make the Transmutator.


Normal Coralium Armor gives Water Breathing 1, Resistance 1, and Speed 1 when worn. Plated Coralium Armor gives Night Vision and Speed I when worn outside of water. When inside of water, the player will be given Speed 3 and Water Breathing 2 aswell as Night Vision. To tie into that, it also gives full immunity to the Coralium Plague unless they are submurged in Liquid Coralium. Refined Coralium Tools have stronger efficiency, damage, and durability than diamond, with 1800 hits until they break.