AbyssalCraft Wiki


Getting Started[]

Ritual 1.png
In order to get started with rituals you need to create the altar to perform them at. There is a total of 8 materials you can create your Ritual Altar From.
Those are: Cobblestone, Darkstone Cobblestone, Abyssal Cobblestone, Coralium Brick, Dreadstone Brick, Abyssalnite Stone Brick, Ethaxium Brick and Dark Ethaxium Brick. The materials can only be used in their specific dimension (eg. Cobblestone and Darkstone Cobblestone in the Overworld, Abyssal Stone Brick and Coralium Brick in the Abyssal Wasteland etc).
Ritual 2.png
To create the altar, simply place the blocks in the above formation (keep t he red area clear) and shift right-click the center block with a Necronomicon.
Ritual 3.png
After that, you can start performing rituals! In order to perform a ritual, place objects on the pedestals and shift right-click the altar with a Necronomicon.
Ritual 4.png
When performing, the pedestals project smoke towards the altar. Rituals where you gain objects always end with a bolt of lightning striking the altar.
Potential Energy is required in order to perform rituals (each ritual entry shows how much you need). Potential Energy is a pure form of untapped energy originating from a higher plane of existence. It's mainly used to fuel sacrifices made to The Great Old Ones (any ritual). Statues placed on Shoggoth monoliths are said to be capable of draining it.


The Ritual Altar is the main component in performing rituals. It's used by shift right-clicking on it with a Necronomicon that has suffcient Potential Energy. For successful rituals, the nearby Ritual Pedestals will need the correct offerings placed on them.
Ritual Pedestals are used to place offerings when performing rituals. This is done by interacting with the pedestal while holding the offering you wish to place.
Monolith Stone is a material used to some extent with Potential Energy. It's origins are unknown, other than that Shoggoths are capable of creating it. It can be obtained from Monoliths or Shoggoth Lairs scattered about.

Special Materials[]

An Energy Pedestal is crafted with Monolith Stones, a Shadow Gem and a Coralium Pearl. It collects Potential Energy while under a clear sky.
This block serves as a method for obtaining Potential Energy. if you place Statues 3 blocks away from it (on the x or z axis), they will transfer energy to it at a fast rate. Place a Necronomicon (or other source that can hold Potential Energy) on it in order to drain it.
A Monolith Stone Pillar is crafted with Monolith Stone. It's primary use is to amplify the range of Potential Energy Manipulators (statues for example).
A Ritual Charm is crafted with Gold Ingots and a Diamond. By itself it has no effect, but through rituals it can amplify various states of Potential Energy Manipulators.

Right-clicking the statue, will add the charm.

A Sacrificial Altar is crafted with Torches, Monolith Stone, A Shadow Gem and a Coralium Pearl. They convert life-force into Potential Energy.

When a living animal nearby emits black smoke, it can be killed for Potential Energy.

When a entity is targeted, it will emit smoke particles. Once the entity dies, and amount of PE equal to it's max health will be collected. It only targets non-undead adult entities that aren't players. It should be noted that the altar goes on a cooldown after collection a certain amount of PE, preventing collection for a minute.

Potential Energy[]

Potential Energy (PE) is a new form of energy presented in AbyssalCraft. It originates from a higher plane of existence (where no mortal has wandered), and can only be collected by tapping into Ley Lines using various methods. There exists objects capable of doing so, which will be explained here.
Shoggoth lair.png
A good place to start obtaining materials required to create some of the PE collecting objects is Shoggoth Lairs, found in swamps and rivers.
Shoggoth Monoliths are also constructed with Monolith Stone (hence the name), while having statues placed on them. These statues can collect PE.
It should be noted that the Lesser Shoggoths only build these monoliths under certain conditions. Theorists claim it has to do with power positions (but they're genderless, and don't understand the concept of hierarchy). If 6 (or more) Lesser Shoggoths are within 32 blocks of each other, one is prone to rise a monolith out of the ooze.
The statues come in different shapes, all depicting Great Old Ones. Standing close to one while holding a Necronomicon allows it to transport PE to you.
It should be noted that you harvesting PE isn't appreciated. This causes disruptions to occur (displayed by a bolt of lightning striking the statue, or other PE manipulator). Disruptions are random events that can affect the player, other entities or the environment. Their purpose is to punish those who tries to drain PE from the higher plane.
One way to boost the efficiency of statues (and other PE manipulators) is through the use of Ritual Charms. They can boost various stats (check the tooltip).
Energy pedestal.png
You can also craft a Energy Pedestal, which can collect PE from statues (and other PE manipulators) that are placed 3 blocks from the pedestal.
Sacrificial altar.png
Along with the Energy Pedestal there's the Sacrificial Altar, which can convert life-force from dying entities into PE (targeted entities emit smoke).
If the PE production still is too slow, you can also upgrade Energy Pedestals and Sacrificial Altars through infusion rituals.
Upon reaching Omothol, you will be able to create deity-specific Ritual Charms (with an Abyssalnomicon), or buy them from Remnant Priests.Those charms will give an additional boost if used on manipulators associated with the same deity as the one displayed on the charm.